The images below are the correct images to use. They can be copied and downloaded: right click on image and select Save Image As. Save it on your computer and you can then use it as needed.

Png file (standard colours with transparent background)
Jpg file (standard colours with white background)
Jpg file (greyscale with white background)

Where Identifying text is used it should not overwrite the logo .

  • font standard is  HandelGotDBol.
  • Colour is blue (pantone 287c) – same as logo (or complimentary as Armadale)
  • National and State organizations use all caps
  • Individual U3As use paragraph text



All uses of the U3A logo should be in the approved format (as shown in the website banner above), unless:

  1. exceptional circumstances exist which justify a variation; and
  2. permission to use the variation has been granted by U3A Network WA under its licence with The Third Age Trust (United Kingdom)



  • Obtain a clear, high quality JPEG of the U3A logo from U3A Network WA or the Website at
  • Always use the approved format for the U3A logo, including appropriate colours
  • Update all materials and webpages to reflect the approved format for the U3A logo
  • Consult your network delegate if you have doubts about appropriate use of the logo
  • A comprehensive style guide has been developed by Network South Australia which is generally applicable to Western Australia. Link is here:

U3A South Australia Style Guide


  • Use any low-quality (scanned, snipped or photographed) versions of the U3A logo
  • Alter, vary, distort, discolour (or change colours), stretch, crop, skew or otherwise edit or change the format of the U3A logo . (Note: Each cell of the 3-cell logo is a perfect square.)
  • Add any elements (e.g. branch details, additional artistic elements, taglines or straplines) to the U3A logo
  • Use old, unofficial or unapproved versions of the U3A logo (or any variations thereof)
  • Use the U3A logo in a form that is too large or too small or too closely in conjunction with any third party logos or trade marks
  • Authorise others to make use of the U3A logo without permission from U3A Network WA

Images of the logo in standard colours with transparent and white backgrounds are listed on the left plus a greyscale image on white background. These can be copied and downloaded.

Colour palette

The colours for the U3A logo are detailed below, these colours are registered as part of our logo. Pantone colours are easiest to replicate and remember

Yellow: Pantone 123 C
RGB 255 199 44
CMYK 0 19 89 0
Blue: Pantone 287 C
RGB 0 48 135
HEX 003087
CMYK 100 75 2 18  

The Style Guide developed in South Australia showing correct and incorrect usage of the logo is generally applicable in WA. While it is desirable to use the logo with identifiable text for the particular U3A, being referenced, there may be instances when the logo can be used without location name or tag line.

For further assistance please contact the Network via your secretary or Network delegate.